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Interview with John W. Mefford, Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author of Thriller Books

Enjoy reading our interview with John W. Mefford, an Amazon #1 best-selling author and Readers Choice Award winner.
You’ll discover how John W. Mefford got started and became a writer, hear about his successful series of thriller books, and learn what inspired him to write his latest thriller ‘IN Control’. Continue reading “Interview with John W. Mefford, Best-Selling, Award-Winning Author of Thriller Books”

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Interview with Best-Selling Author & Screenwriter Dougie Brimson

Enjoy reading our interesting interview with Dougie Brimson, screenwriter of 3 award-winning feature films and bestselling author of 15 books including the era-defining, critically acclaimed book “Green Street”.

In this interview, you’ll meet Dougie Brimson, discover how he got started, learn about his projects and what inspired him to write his famous screenplays and books.

Read the author interview here:


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FREE to Enter Best Love Poetry Contest by the NY Literary Magazine

The NY Literary Magazine is running another free to enter poetry contest!

If you’ve written a beautiful love poem, submit it to the NY Literary Magazine for a chance to win award seals, recognition and publication in our next print poetry magazine.

The NY Literary Magazine’s love poetry competition is open to submissions by poets from any country and nationality.

Join our free poetry contests here.

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Interview with Clive Dawson – Award-winning Film & TV Screenwriter and Associate Producer

“Screenwriting is not the glamorous profession it’s made out to be”, explains award-winning, professional film & television scriptwriter Clive Dawson in this candid interview. “It’s a hard slog, with few rewards and a great deal of heartache. However, the enjoyment is to be found in the process, not the end result, and just occasionally, it’s worth the effort.”

Clive Dawson has been a professional screenwriter for over 20 years, writing extensively for UK television and contributing to several top-rated ITV and BBC dramas. Moreover, 3 of his screenplays have been produced into major motion pictures, with another 3 scripts in pre-production/development.

In this interesting interview, you’ll learn how Dawson launched his career, hear about the heartaches and difficulties he has had to overcome, learn about his projects, and discover what being a professional screenwriter is really like.

Read the interview with Clive Dawson here:

8 Top Romance Publishers Accepting Unsolicited Manuscript Submissions from First-Time Authors

Have you written an awesome romance story which you want to publish?
Most publishing houses do not accept unsolicited manuscripts and sometimes, it can be hard to get a literary agent to represent you. Self-publishing is another option, although you will need to work hard to promote yourself and have both the time and money to market your work.

Good news! There still are a few traditional romance publishers who accept unsolicited submissions.

Here is a useful list of the 8 top traditional publishing houses which are now accepting unsolicited romance manuscript submissions from first-time authors!
Check it out:

Broadkill River Press Poetry Contest

Are you a poet looking for a new way to display your work? If this sounds like you then you will definitely want to enter some poetry contests. Not only will they get your work recognition but you could possibly win some fantastic prizes in the process. The Broadkill River Press hosts an annual poetry contest that you won’t want to miss.

This year is the 15th Annual Dogfish Head Poetry Prize. This is contest is free to enter for writers living in the Mid-Atlantic region of America. The requirement for entry is that the manuscript is between 48 and 78 pages, and writers must be over 21 years of age. The winner will receive $500, ten author copies of the book, and two cases of Dogfish Head beer. The winner will also attend a reading and an award ceremony at the Dogfish Head Brewery in Delaware. The deadline for submission is August 15th. For more information click here.

7 Best Services to Promote Your Free Kindle Book or eBook

Self-publishing gives you the freedom to write and publish your book in the way that you see best, it also leaves all of the promoting up to you. Sure word of mouth and your social media sites will get you a couple readers but to get your work out there on a bigger scale you will need to go a bit further than that.

Continue reading “7 Best Services to Promote Your Free Kindle Book or eBook”

10 Top NY Literary Agencies Accepting Submissions from First Time Authors

If you’re a first-time author you may be lost on what agencies will accept your manuscripts. There are so many options out there and the first step is knowing where to start. There are many agencies that don’t accept work from first-time authors but lucky for you there are a ton that will accept your work! Combing through Google trying to find these can be tedious and time-consuming and you need to spend your time perfecting that manuscript and sending it to agents. That’s why we did the combing for you.

To check out our list of top 10 agencies that will accept manuscripts from first-time authors click here.

Five Top Writing Workshops in New York

NYC is saturated with opportunities for professional or aspiring writers. The options, however, are innumerable and could be difficult to navigate, so we’ve compiled a list of five acclaimed writing workshops that will suit all ages, experiences, interests, and availability. Continue reading “Five Top Writing Workshops in New York”

Perfecting Your First Draft

Sometimes the hardest part of writing is getting started. Getting those first few pages cranked out is often a slow and chaotic progression. You have all of these brilliant thoughts and they just come pouring out of you onto the page without any rhyme or reason. By the time you have finished your first draft, you feel mostly drained but also a bit liberated.

Continue reading “Perfecting Your First Draft”

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